You Can’t Exercise Your Way Out of Poor Nutrition!

guy with cake cartoon

group crunchingHow many times have you eaten something marginal or really bad, and promised you would “work it off” tomorrow? The problem with that is we often don’t and then we are left with the “food-coma” and loggy feeling and an extra layer of fat deposited on our tummy. If you could just exercise and not care about what you eat, how much time could you really spend exercising? Isn’t it easier to just eat good stuff (lean protein, fruit, veggies, high-fiber foods) than constantly have to make up for the eating the bad? If we want to Be Lean and Strong at Any Age, we have to exercise some discipline. I still eat the occasional dark-chocolate brownie, and even some ice-cream, but it is a rare occurrence. I trained myself to give-up the really sugary foods and anything fried, years ago! So, when I do indulge, I actually feel a stomach-upset and have to stop after one bite.
The exercise has to be daily as we must exercise one hour a day just to maintain our weight, if we don’t change our nutrition. It is all a balancing-act. Just know that you are not the only one.