What a Hangover is Doing to Your Body

Gal with hangover 2A dear friend loves to party. She is just 27, and spends her free time at bars with buds. Her pictures are full of drinking and laughing. Unfortunately, her body is not so happy, inside.
Here is what is happening to your body on a Hangover, per Laura Bell in WomensHealth Magazine — Maybe it is not worth it????

Head: Your head is aching because you are dehydrated – because lots of alcohol upsets the production of vasopressin, a hormone that controls fluid balance – which is also why you will spend the night running to the restroom.

My suggestion: Drink a glass of water a half-hour before going to the event, then drink a glass of water between the drinks and drink water before you go to bed – Dilute the alcohol level and get it out of your body faster. Try to eat something as well – to help process the alcohol. You can take an anti-inflammatory such as ibuprofen, but no acetaminophen. Find out why next. If you drank darker hard liquors, and most beers and dark wines, there were more congeners, chemicals that may exacerbate the hangover. Plus, if you were smoking it will increase the pain.

Liver – Your poor liver has to spend all the time processing the alcohol, which is actually poisoning your body, so it is not processing food. It can only process and detox one drink per hour, so pace yourself! Do not add acetaminophen the next day as the liver is worn-out, drink water and take a liver-support system, with milk-thistle and alpha-lipoic acid. I take one tablet with every meal as my liver needs the support, and I rarely drink even wine.
(Ask me what nutrition product company I am using – 600 Olympians are also using it……The liver support also helps you maintain your weight…..)

Stomach – If you have a spiked drink of any kind, it will irritate your stomach and you might not be able to tolerate food. Again, drink water and let your stomach calm down. If you are nauseous, you are actually in alcohol-withdrawal . You could also be shaking, sweaty or feeling anxious. If you can do it, put a healthy, vegan protein smoothie with good herbs in your stomach. If you can’t, sip water and wait it out. All the home-remedies will not really change the chemical issues you are dealing with, unfortunately. You just have to let your body purge. You could try a sauna if you keep hydrated. Sweating out the poison is good!

Energy Level – Alcohol disturbs the brain’s normal sleep cycles, so any sleep you got was probably not very restorative. You probably feel groggy and muddle-headed. Put off decision-making until you feel better. Take a nap and meditate on how you can better handle the next party to not lose the next day! Once you have lost the nausea and headache, eat, rest and then do some light exercise — walk outside in the fresh air. This too shall pass…..


Visit to Sanoviv — Holistic Hospital and Spa

woman stretching on rockI just got back from an amazing place — Sanoviv Medical Institute — part holistic healing hospital, part elegant spa, part fat-farm. Sanoviv can literally take a toxic body and change it to a healthy one in a few days! I experienced my first colon hydrotherapy, sacro-cranial massage, Laughter Yoga for healing, and new, cutting-edge nutrition and detox techniques that are based on true science, not just some fad diet pumped-up in a magazine. My metabolism was tested and typed. I found out that I am super-healthy, by Sanoviv standards, with an almost perfect metabolism. The microscopic blood analysis — living and dried, showed a bit of trouble with allergies and digestion, which tracks with my own experience. They told me I was on the right track and to keep doing what I do, with just some fine-tuning for liver support and more probiotics.

Now I am living by their regime: warm water with juice from half a lemon and cayenne first thing in the morning, then a healthy breakfast, minimal fruit, green juice from veggies, plus healthy meals with lots of raw veggies and sprouts. Fish and chicken but only wild-caught or free-range. I found out veggies are better for me than lettuce and some of my favorite night-shade veggies need to be consumed less (eggplant, tomatoes). My supplement routine was affirmed as being right on-target! Except my blood-pressure was low and now I only need to take one BiOmega a day, versus two. (Bi-Omega is a pure fish-oil capsule from USANA.)

Sanoviv is located in Baja California, in Ciudad Nacional, right on the ocean. The location was chosen by Sanoviv’s founder, Dr. Myron Wentz, for the pure air, and the energy vortex recognized by NASA. Shamans used the beach below Sanoviv for their ceremonies. The energy there was palpable. I really felt as though I were not in this world — as though I were someplace so special and serene that the trials and tribulations of the day-to-day world had all been left behind. The staff is unfailing welcoming and accommodating. The views are magnificent and I could live in the pools!

Doctors from around the world send their desperate cases of cancer, multiple sclerosis, and undiagnosed diseases to Sanoviv. They assign a team of medical staff, including a psychiatrist, dentist, fitness professional, chiropractor and several doctors, to each case. Every possible diagnostic tool is employed and many patients told me that root causes were uncovered, after they had spent years undiagnosed and seeing multiple specialists, all with differing opinions. Sanoviv performs the tests, then gathers the team to review and interpret. A treatment protocol is reached. Most patients were taking not only very special supplements, but many were on the foundation of USANA supplements — the same ones I have been taking for eleven years. I saw people who were barely existing become animated and the color return to their cheeks, after their first two weeks there. By the third week, they were already on the mend.

It was hard to return to the “real world” where I have to deal with the temptation of grocery store shelves. At Sanoviv, you are fed the healthiest food, loving prepared, in just the right amount and form, all organic and all pure. I lost four pounds in six days, felt great, and slept like a log. Luckily, I have learned the difference between the so-so food and the best food, and I do not want to settle for less than the best any more!

Sanoviv offers a Certificate in Nutrition and Health Advisor, which I have now obtained. If you would like more information, please let me know. And, remember: You Can Be Lean and Strong at Any Age!
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