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Top Seven Tips to Stay Healthy as a Software Engineer


Specifically, I am talking Software and IT Engineers, since I spent over 20 years in those industries.  I was one of the casualties of the long hours spent hunched over a computer screen, sitting in conference rooms and then driving long commutes.  All that, combined with the stress of crazy deadlines, Monday morning quarter-backing by out-of-control executives who second-guessed the architecture of our solutions, and, trying to keep my teams motivated and healthy, turned me into a fat, jobless, depressed and divorced former Release Engineering Vice President.  At 51, I gave up and tried a whole new career — health coaching for the high-powered professionals who were stuck in my old time-warp.

In the interest of saving a few souls, I am sharing some ideas of what to do to protect your health, livelihood and sanity while delivering to those crazy deadlines and defending your need to have a life outside of the company.

First, establish a REALISTIC TIMELINE for projects, that allows you to go home, rest and do some healthy activity.  Your manager needs to support you.  If not, go to to the next-level. (This assumes you are a good producer and have a good rep.)  Your long-term health and sanity is critical.  Requiring constant 70-hour weeks or around-the-clock efforts is not acceptable and the sign of a bad manager or management team.

Second, LEAVE THE CRAP FOOD ALONE!  We used to have M&Ms in a bowl at my secretary’s desk at one company, and I would grab a handful on the way to meetings.  Bring your own healthy snacks and eat them, while congratulating yourself on avoiding the sugar headache and spare tire.

Third, DRINK WATER, not soda, caffeine, or fruit juice. Drink one-half of your weight in ounces of water a day, every day!  Flush those toxins out of your body and hydrate your mind!  2% dehydration = 15% less brain-function.  You need every brain cell you have, working at 100%, to hit those deadlines.

Fourth, MOVE!!! park a long way from the front door.  Walk at lunch.  It can be inside, but get moving for at least 15 to 20 minutes.  Exercising at the gym is good, but don’t make your body stay still all day until then.  An IT engineer client of mine brought on a horribly-debilitating painful condition by working straight through for 12 hours, no water, no breaks, for days on end.  She spent the next few months trying to get her body to calm down.  Don’t let that be you.

Fifth, RESTORE.  Get away from the job, even if for just one hour a day.  Don’t bring it home.  Don’t read code or write instructions while eating.  Turn off the phone, television. Read a book.  Get a massage.  Play sports.  Hike, bike, swim, dance.  (Drinking alcohol does not count, although a glass of wine at dinner is OK.).  Meditation is great, if you can do it.  I am still working on that….

Sixth, EAT REAL FOOD.  If you don’t like to cook, then follow my method of:  Acquire, Assemble, Consume.  I prefer the ready-to-go meals from places like Trader Joe’s.  I like to get a basic salad with lots of veggies, nuts and some chicken or salmon, add more protein and chow-down.  A good salad takes about 20 minutes to eat, because you have to chew enough to get the digestion going.  You will feel full, satisfied and your cells will be nourished.  Or, a fish meal with sides, from the freezer.  Yes, you can get real food in a freezer section, you just have to watch the sodium content.

Seventh, SET ASIDE FAMILY AND FRIENDS TIME.  Time when work-talk is off-limits.  Time when you can enjoy just shooting the bull, sharing stories that have nothing to do with the software and what it is supposed to do.

In short, you are the most marvelous super-computer, but, “Garbage In, Garbage Stays”. Help your amazing platform, applications and network to run at top speed, and get the life you want!


Building A Six-Pack on a 60-plus bod

SF_Deb in brown bikinivertica croppedl
Me at 62, after a 12-week program to get this six-pack!

So, now you probably want to know what I did for 12 weeks to get to this shape?  Here it is, the fool-proof program to building your six-pack on a 60-plus body.  However, there is one caveat:  you have to be within 6 lbs of your ideal weight, and at approximately 24% body-fat or less.  Sorry, that is what is going to take.  I started there and ended at 21% body-fat, and at my ideal weight.  At 5’6″, I weighed in at 138 lbs when this was taken.  To get these abs, I literally had to live for 12 weeks like a fitness model competitor.  It is actually fun, and very challenging!  I did not do all the lower-body work a fitness model would do, as I did it mostly at-home, without machines or heavy lifting.  I have some videos for this on my YouTube channel as well:  http://bit.ly/1ScwzZm.  The reason I am sharing this is I am getting lots of requests for creating these abs from folks who have read my book or run into me on a daily basis.

There are four pieces to the puzzle of building this six-pack:  Diet, Supplements, Exercise and Sleep.  I will tell you my program for each, and, if you want to learn how to adapt it for your own needs, just go to my contact page and we can talk!

DIET:  Total Paleo –  no sugar, dairy, grains, alcohol, for 12 weeks…..At least 80 ounces of water a day, no juice.  One or two pieces of whole fruit a day.  A bit of dried fruit with nuts or nutrition bars for snacks.  Plant-based protein smoothies and green smoothies, daily. I did get to eat a bit of dark chocolate, every day.

I ate lean protein — fish, turkey, chicken, some beef, tons of veggies, healthy fats (avocados, olive oil, walnuts), no grains, and no dairy.  This pulled off the layers of fat and I could get the muscle definition you see here.

SUPPLEMENTS:  My USANA HealthPak (Vitamins, Minerals, Calcium, Fish-Oil, Grapeseed, Glucosamine, Turmeric, Milk-Thistle) — get your personalized pack at:  www.energyunlimited.usana.com — just take the Free True Health Assessment — you will get three reports and I can help you choose the best program and biggest bang for your buck!

EXERCISE:  30 minutes of cardio a day and 20 minutes of abs, plus 5 minutes on my mini-rebounder, plus some time upside down on my back with weights and doing crunches hanging like a bat.  8 minutes of Total Gym exercise a day.  You can see the ab routine at my YouTube channel — Sexy Lean and Strong —  http://bit.ly/1ScwzZm.   You have to work all parts of the abs, every day, for this to work.  Plus the planks — daily planks!!!  At least 45 seconds, working up to 90 seconds.  Plus push-ups (for arms and upper body strength and tone.)

SLEEP:  Minimum of seven hours a night, preferably eight.  I use a sleep supplement — melatonin — to make sure I get it.  Mine is Pure Rest, from USANA. (order at:  www.energyunlimited.usana.com)

Today, I choose to have some dairy, grains and a bit of sweets.  This has caused me to put back on about 5 lbs and about 2″ on the belly.  But, the good news is I just need a few weeks to get this six-pack back!

If you want to build your own six-pack, I will be glad to help you design your best program!



What Do Athletes Want in a Supplement?

Steve Simon, CEO of WTA and Deb Dutcher, Health Coach
Steve Simon, CEO of WTA and Deb Dutcher, Health Coach
Deb Dutcher with Monica Puig and Sam Stosur of the WTA
Deb Dutcher with Monica Puig and Sam Stosur of the WTA
20160313_105024I just returned from the BP Paribas Open in Indian Wells, California. I was a special guest in the USANA Health Sciences suite, and got to meet with some of the athletes from the Women’s Tennis Association — Sam Stosur and Monica Puig. I got to hear from the physiotherapist and trainer, Carol, and the new CEO of the WTA, Steve Simon. USANA was celebrating its tenth year of being the preferred supplement provider for the WTA. It was really powerful to hear, directly from the athletes, their trainer and CEO how important they feel taking the supplements is in supporting their training and competition schedule. It was also gratifying as I have been on many of the same supplements for almost fifteen years now.

Two of the most important products they cited were the USANA Probiotics and the C-Booster Plus. Both are used to keep up their players’ immunity while going through their grueling travel schedule, crossing time-zones and having to play the very next day! When they have a multi-city and country travel schedule, they get on the C-Booster for ten days. This helps them combat the germs all through airports, hotels and airplanes. (C-Booster has Vitamin C, echinacea, elderberry and zinc). C-Booster is my go-to if I get even a tickle of a sore throat or am exposed to sick people. I don’t get flu shots! I just load up on the C-Booster, the Proflavanol (grapeseed extract and Vitamin C), extra Vitamin D-3, drink lots of fluids and hit the sack early! I can usually kick the bug in 24 hours.

Now, back to the athletes. They also swear by the USANA Essentials — which they get in their personalized HealthPaks. The Essentials are the foundation supplement — with over twenty-five vitamins and antioxidants and eleven essential chelated minerals. If you tried to match the amount of nutrition in this power product with food, you would need to eat 22,000 calories of food a day, and spend about $33! Much easier to take the Essentials morning and night. Remember, your body does all its repairs while you sleep, so you need to give it all the building blocks it needs. Plus, if you get enough vitamins and minerals, the body knows it is optimally-nourished and you will keep the fat cells from growing! Which will result in losing weight….

Another key product the athletes use is the Procosa — a special joint-support product with glucosamine, turmeric and Vitamin C. This has kept my knees happy for years now! Prior to USANA it hurt to go up and down stairs, and now I can climb mountains!

I have relied on these products for over fifteen years. The WTA has relied on them for ten now. Maybe it is time for you to try them? http://energyunlimited.usana.com to order with a Preferred Customer discount. You can also take a FREE True Health Assessment and find out what your body needs and wants. USANA will customize your pak, just like they do for the athletes!

Why do you suppose the WTA and another 489 elite athletes trust USANA? Simple — every product has a 100% purity and potency guarantee. They are manufactured in USANA’s FDA-registered manufacturing facility, in Utah. They have passed both ConsumerLabs and NSF. Plus, they are ranked #1 supplement in North America in the “Nutrisearch Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements”. If that is not enough to get you to try them, how about a money-back guarantee from USANA when you order through a rep (like me?).

I recommend these supplements to all my clients because I know they work! We get great results. A side benefit of the Essentials is they help get rid of cravings because your body does not need any micro-nutrients and is “Happy”. So you can stay “Sexy, Lean and Strong!”

So, if you want to feel like an athlete, with energy to burn and stamina to get through your workout, give them a try!

How to Pre-Order the Book

The book, “Sexy, Lean and Strong After 50” is available on Amazon Kindle for pre-order.  Release date is set for November 27.  Please use this link to pre-order:  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B018CX2YP0

It would be great if you can submit a review by December 3, in time for the actual release!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  May your day be filled with love, family and wonderful food.