Hi, I am Deb Dutcher, Certified Integrative Health Coach and Corporate Wellness Consultant.  I am the founder of Energy Unlimited Coach.  We are a group of fitness and nutrition professionals who love to help others to be lean and strong at any age!  At 63 (2015), I am the size 8 I was in college and have the energy I had in my 30s!

It is all about what you eat and how you train your brain and body.  It is not hard to stay fit, but it does take commitment and discipline, along with an easy, fun and tasty group of fast-foods for healthy meals and snacks.  My choice:  USANA Health Sciences’ foods — Nutrimeal shakes and nutrition bars along with the most advanced and effective vitamins and supplements.

I know, lots of you think you can get it all from food, but you simply cannot, unless you eat the following, every day!:  33 lbs of spinach, 18 lbs of oranges, 1 qt of safflower oil and 10 lbs of red cabbage.  Please!  I know what to eat and I cannot power down enough food to be optimally healthy, not with all the toxins we are exposed to every day. Taking high-quality supplements to fill the gaps makes sense, and saves dollars and time!!!Sassy hands on hips

So, watch this spot for some good tips on lifestyle and exercise, and join me in achieving better health, more energy and reaching your optimal weight.  Which will make you Sexy, Lean and Strong At Any Age!

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