Favorite Tricks for Staying Lean

So, we are coming up on the holiday season — you know, that time when you find more sweets and savory foods appearing everywhere, just to tempt you!  Well, you can have some of them, but not all of them, unfortunately.  My trick is to treat myself sparingly and load up on salads and lean proteins to stay full.  I also use my protein shakes and nutrition bars to stave off hunger so when I go somewhere, I can nibble on that goodie and not pay for it on the scales later.  The other trick I tell my clients is, when you eat something extra fat, buttery, sweet or salty, you need to have a good sweat-session within a few hours.  That way the extra calories move into the muscles and not onto the tummy or hips.  Sometimes we cannot do that, so the other option is to eat small the next day.  Ie:  Sunday I have a birthday and will eat a small portion of chips, salsa, cheese and crackers, plus the birthday cake (from which I will scrape off the icing).  The next day will be protein shakes, salads, and exercise.  It will all even out!  At 60, I cannot cheat every day or binge on a regular basis. But, don’t think I am not eating fun and tasty food.  I am!  I just make sure it has low sugar, lots of fiber and stay away from processed foods.  In my next blog I will share some great holiday recipes you can use and no one will even know they are not full of calories, fat or sugar!

Hello world!

Here we go!  I am starting a blog.   What I will do is share my favorite quickie fat-burning exercises and delicious but super-healthy recipes.  I will also tell you which vitamins and minerals and antioxidants do what to your body.  As a Certified Nutrition Consultant and rep for USANA for over 11 years, I have learned a thing or two and have helped hundreds get healthier and reach optimal weight and have oodles of energy, safely!  Hope to hear from you on your own concerns.